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Coaching Positions

Wolverine coaching positions are available for the OPEN teams below. Please apply ASAP.

If we cannot find coaches for the OPEN teams then they may not run. Please consider coaching. 

Rep tryouts are posted below.

U12 GIRLS Wolverines Tryouts

U12 GIRLS Wolverines Tryouts
(All at 6-7pm on field 6)
Sept 21
Sept 26
Sept 30

Coach Raphael Srawley


Monday to Thursday
12:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.


To all coaches, players, and parents of U5, U6, U7/8, and U9/10.

Please check the schedules online to find the Saturday Sept 18 games schedules for your final two games of September.

As in September the darkness gets earlier. The final two games previously scheduled in September are rescheduled as to ensure games can be played in proper light and before the kids get too busy with school and fall activities.

Thank you.

Quinte West Soccer Club

U3 & U4 Medals

Whoever missed the U3 or U4 participation medals can come to the office and get them between 2pm  to 8pm from Monday to Thursday.


Based on the Province of Ontario's recent announcement we will be able to commence the 2021 season once the province enters Stage 2, which we anticipate and hope to be around July 5th, all subject to government and health board protocols that may be further implemented.  In order to prep for the upcoming season please note the following:

1) The Registration Platform will be closed at the end of day on June 18, 2021, in order to determine and analyze Divisional registration numbers in order to finalize scheduling.

2) Please note that "Game Nights" cannot be confirmed at this point in time.  We await the required protocols currently being established and implemented by the City of Quinte West with respect to Centennial Park.

3) Given current registration numbers, it has been decided that for the 2021 season (and this season only) that the U16/U17/U18 age group will play 7v7 on our 3/4 sized fields. We hope that this will be an enjoyable alternative and at the same time allow those who have registered in this age demographic to be able to play this season.



Notes to Registrants:

1) "All" participants must initially register, in your appropriate age group, on this "Club" platform.  This registration will entitle all to a spot in House League.  At this point SOSA Rep leagues are not moving forward but should the District move forward therewith an additional registration adjustment platform will be created.

2) To those who deferred their 2020 Registration Fees to 2021.  You are still required to register on the 2021 platform, but please mark payment method as "Offline" and notify the Club by email once registered so that we may carry forward your funds.

3) Furthermore, with the office currently "closed to the public" due to the pandemic, we ask that "Offline" payments be made via e-transfer to with the password soccer.  We thank you in advance.

Return to Play protocols, as mandated by Ontario Soccer, are being finalized.  Please note that modified game structures may be implemented in certain age groups depending on registration numbers and government/health board/municipality protocols in place at said time. 

Also, until all required protocols are established and implemented "divisional game nights" cannot be confirmed at this time.

Please watch this page (our website) for further updates.

Thank you  for your patience in this matter,

Stay safe,

2021 Outdoor Soccer Registration Opens April 1, 2021

CLUB STORE - more than just the uniform


Please be advised that as we did not receive sufficient pre-registrations in order to achieve a quorum, we must postpone our 2020 Virtual AGM, previously scheduled for December 15, 2020, until further notice.

We note for the record that approximately 675 emails were sent out through our Registration platforms to the entire registered membership advising them of the AGM, as well as notice being posted on our website.

Moving forward, the hope is to re-schedule early in the new year.

Notwithstanding the postponement of this AGM, please note that all incumbents of the four (4) positions scheduled to be up for election have notified the Club of their intent to stand, and will continue onward serving the Club until such time as they are either confirmed, or opposed at the re-scheduled 2020 AGM.  These positions are:

Head Coach – Steve Whitehead – Standing

Rep Liaison – Jeff Armstrong – Standing

Tournament Convenor – Spencer Hutchison – Standing

Treasurer – Steve Thomas - Standing

Please stay safe, and all the best for the upcoming holiday season.

Yours truly,


posted this 15th day of December, 2020


The QWSC Board of Directors wishes you and your families all the best this holiday season. 

Stay safe and healthy.

We hope and look forward to 2021 being spent on the field.


Due to extenuating circumstances created by, and the gathering protocols in place resulting from, the current COVID-19 pandemic, Quinte West Soccer Club will be holding its 2020 AGM virtually.

When: Tuesday December 15, 2020 7:00 PM Eastern Time, through a Zoom meeting

Pre-registration for this meeting is required.  Said pre-registration will be accepted by email only, addressed to the Club at and to be received by the Club no later than noon Friday December 11, 2020.  After pre-registering, you will receive a confirmation email.

Subsequently, and prior to the meeting, you will receive an additional email containing information about joining the meeting, including an AGM Information Package.

Positions up for election for the upcoming two (2) year term are as follows, with additional nominations being accepted from the floor during the meeting:

Club Head Coach – Steve Whitehead - Standing

Treasurer – Steve Thomas - Standing

Rep Liaison – Jeff Armstrong - Standing

Tournament Director – Spencer Hutchison - Standing

Please note that the position of Head Referee is available for a period of one (1) year and has been filled for the first year of the two (2) year term by Mike Wessels who, barring any further nominations is prepared to stand for the second year.

Thank you, and stay safe.

Quinte West Soccer Club

posted this 1st day of December, 2020

Total Sports Quinte names Steve Whitehead Athlete of the Month

In their Autumn (November/December) 2020 issue, Total Sport Quinte has named their latest Athlete of the Month. Steve Whitehead is our Club Head Coach and Goalkeeper Coach and has worked with the Loyalist College Lancers for 15 years, as head coach for 7 years and assisting for 8.  Congratulations Steve!!!!

You can read more on this story on the Total Sports Quinte website.


QWSC is working towards finalizing its return to play protocols (RTP) to be effective the first of the new year.

These protocols, together with the completion of the required Risk Assessments and the confirming of the Club’s Emergency Lead, will allow soccer programs to re-commence.

This will subsequently allow the Club to commence indoor programs together with allowing Rep teams to perform winter training (subject to availability of facilities), and to allow Rep teams to move forward with their scheduling of tryouts for the 2021 season.

We remind all that this initiative will be subject to an Ontario Soccer registration process and to all government and municipal restrictions that may be in place at the time. 

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic the office is “Closed to the Public”, however every attempt is being made to continue business as usual behind the scenes and remotely.  Please feel free to contact the office either by phone at 613-965-6283 or by email at

Stay safe,

Quinte West Soccer Club

posted October 6, 2020


QWSC reminds all members that as the 2020 QWSC Outdoor season has been cancelled, QWSC, in following with Ontario Soccer and SOSA District guidelines/protocols, does not permit or consent to any official soccer related activity or training at this time.  Anyone participating in such activity needs to understand that they are doing so with no support from, no affiliation with, and with no available liability against, the Quinte West Soccer Club.

Stay safe and healthy.

AMENDMENT FROM/TO: SOSA District response to KBFC Academy Flyer

Good Morning;

There was a conference call yesterday reviewing the Academies etc...and one thing has changed from the email I sent last week (see below).  

Peel Halton District will be running an Academy League for those Academies who wish to take part.  Please ensure you make this correction if you have posted the below or sent out to your membership.

Thank you

Joanie Sagriff
SOSA Executive Director

Good Afternoon;

There was some concern brought up regarding a flyer the KBFC Academy had sent out for tryouts.  I have spoken with the Academy to gain understanding on what this exactly meant, since it goes against rules and regulations for how teams enter into Regional Play and what Regional League they can play in.  Their was some misunderstanding (the academies are transitioning from being directly associated with Ont.Soc. to now falling under the Districts and what that means etc...) and through discussions, the Academy now understands they cannot play where they have proposed to play for the 2021 season.  They can play in the SOSA District League for the 2021 season and from there win promotion into the ERSL.  Please note; the Academy league will not be running in 2021.  The Academy teams will be playing in District Leagues.

I have asked that they change their flyer to accurately advertise what I've stated above.

Hope this helps clear things up.  Take care.

Joanie Sagriff
SOSA Executive Director


Further to our cancellation of the 2020 Outdoor Season on June 30th, we remind those that have not done so yet that "Registration Fee” Refunds are available to those requesting them or you may choose to apply your payment as a credit towards the 2021 outdoor season.

We ask that you advise us, before our financial year end of September 30th, as to your preference through an email to the Club at and if choosing a refund to therein confirm the email account to which your refund is to be sent, as all refunds will be issued via etransfer.

Notwithstanding the above, Rep members shall have one of two options with respect to their 2020 “Registration Fees” paid, being 1) leave their fees with the Club as an on account for 2021, which in turn shall guarantee their spot on their respective team for 2021 (with the exception of the U15G-please contact your coach), or 2) request a full “Registration Fee” refund, which on the payment of the refund is an acknowledgment that the player has forfeited their place on said 2021 team. No refunds will be given for uniforms or equipment purchased.

posted this 2nd day of September, 2020

QWSC Cancels 2020 Outdoor Season

Please be advised that as of this date

Quinte West Soccer Club has cancelled all 2020 QWSC outdoor seasons due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

This decision means that QWSC House League and QWSC Wolverines REP teams will not have an “outdoor” season in 2020.  It is further noted that the effects of this decision shall be re-visited should SOSA or the CSL return to play at a later date.

Supporting the decision to cancel the season, QWSC referred to the rigorous risk assessment process in the protocol and the vulnerability of volunteer directors, coaches and managers and clubs given the lack of liability insurance for pandemics. Additionally, the decision was made because the health and safety of the soccer community could not be guaranteed.

We know how much hard work everyone put into planning and preparing for the 2020 outdoor season and on behalf of the club, we would like to thank each of you, in all your capacities, for volunteering with QWSC. To our players, we understand your disappointment and sadness with this decision. Over the winter, you put a lot of work into preparing for an outdoor season that would have been amazing for all QWSC teams.

We want everyone to understand and be assured that their health and well-being is our paramount concern. QWSC is hopeful that indoor soccer, skills and drills programs, and training will return in late 2020 or early 2021. QWSC hopes to see everyone back for the indoor or for the 2021 season!

“Registration Fee” Refunds will be available to all those requesting them or you may choose to apply your payment as a credit towards the 2021 outdoor season.

Notwithstanding the above, Rep members shall have one of two options with respect to their 2020 “Registration Fees” paid, being 1) leave their fees with the Club as an on account for 2021, which in turn shall guarantee their spot on their respective team for 2021, or 2) request a full “Registration Fee” refund, which on the payment of the refund is an acknowledgment that the player has forfeited their place on said 2021 team. No refunds will be given for uniforms or equipment purchased.

We ask that you advise us as to your preference through email to the Club at and if choosing a refund to therein confirm the email account to which you request your refund be sent.

Please note that all refunds will be issued via etransfer.

We ask all members for their patience as we prepare refunds for those requesting them.

Stay safe and healthy,

Quinte West Soccer Club

June 30, 2020

Cameron Memorial Tournament 2020

The Cameron Memorial Tournament for 2020 is cancelled. QWSC looks forward to its return in 2021.

Quinte West Soccer Club

Quinte West Soccer Club is based out of Trenton, ON, however we draw players from Belleville, Picton, Brighton, Wooler and other surrounding areas.  The cool breeze from the Trent River makes Centennial Park the perfect spot to watch a soccer game on a warm summer evening.

Primarily, a youth club we offer a wide range of programs for approximately 1300 players each year.  We are affiliated with the Southeast Ontario Soccer Association and currently have teams playing in the SOSA League,  the Central Soccer League, and the East Region Soccer League.

Our organization is run primarily with the dedicated support of volunteers.  If you are interested in helping in any capacity, please email our Club Administrator and we will find a role that suits you!

We look forward to seeing you at the field!

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Phone: 613-965-6283