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9:00 A.M. - 7:00 P.M.

Save the Dates

Cameron Memorial Tournament (Wolverines) - August 10 & 11

QWSC House League Year-End Tourney (U5 & up) - August 17 & 18

Weather Inclement Policy

We do not cancel games due to rain, or unless fields are not in good condition.

Please refer to Weather Inclement Policy below:

9.0 Inclement Weather Policy

9.1 Unless previously notified, the referee is expected to go to his/her scheduled field and await the arrival of the teams before making a decision to cancel the game. Teams must attend and be ready to play or will risk forfeiture of the game.

9.1.2 In the event of a game being cancelled by the referee because of hazardous playing conditions the referee is to notify the Head Referee and record the cancellation on the back of his game card with both team coaches’ signatures.

9.2 If a game in progress is cancelled by the referee for inclement weather reasons and the game has completed the first half, the score at that time shall stand and the game deemed complete. If the game was called in the first half of play, the score will be nil and the game will be re-scheduled as time permits.

9.3 Games will not be cancelled because of extreme heat.

9.3.1 In situations of extreme heat, the referee may choose to allow more frequent substitutions and water breaks.


Quinte West Soccer Club is pleased to announce that we have been recognized by Canada Soccer as part of the National Youth Club Licensing Program. We have been accredited for meeting standards for Quality Soccer.

Quality Soccer Provider (QSP) is the entry-level category in Canada Soccer’s Club Licensing Program. To attain the designation of a QSP member, organizations must create an environment that is developmentally suitable, safe, enjoyable, easily accessible, inclusive, and inviting for players and families, which sets their programs apart from non-affiliated soccer activities and informal play. Furthermore, QSPs are obligated to maintain good standing with their governing bodies and adhere to the criteria set forth for membership. 

Click here to see the full list of Ontario Clubs included in this announcement.

2024 Canada Soccer Toyota National Championships U-15 Cup - The City of Quinte West, Oct. 9-14, 2024

CLUB STORE - more than just the uniform

Recreational House League Program

Outdoor Recreational House League program is CLOSED.


CAMERON MEMORIAL festival/TOURNAMENT - no. of teams participating

division No. of teams participating in 2024 Registration Open/closed
U9 BOYS 13 Closed
U9 GIRLS 5 Open
U10 BOYS 10 Closed
U10 GIRLS 4 Open
U11 BOYS 7 Closed
U11 GIRLS 6 Open
U12 BOYS 10 Closed
U12 GIRLS 7 Open
U13 BOYS 12 Closed
U13 GIRLS 10 Closed
U14 BOYS 8 Closed
U14 GIRLS 12 Closed
U15/16 BOYS 8 Closed
U15 GIRLS 7 1 space left
U16/17 GIRLS 8 Closed
U17 BOYS 3 1 space left

Important Note

Dear members,

If you are paying any registration fees by E-transfer please note that our E-transfer email address has been changed to 

Please update our banking information.



Quinte West Soccer Club

Quinte West Soccer Club is based out of Trenton, ON, however we draw players from Belleville, Picton, Brighton, Wooler and other surrounding areas.  The cool breeze from the Trent River makes Centennial Park the perfect spot to watch a soccer game on a warm summer evening.

Primarily, a youth club we offer a wide range of programs for approximately 1300 players each year.  We are affiliated with the Southeast Ontario Soccer Association and currently have teams playing in the SOSA League,  the Central Soccer League, and the East Region Soccer League.

Our organization is run primarily with the dedicated support of volunteers.  If you are interested in helping in any capacity, please email our Club Administrator and we will find a role that suits you!

We look forward to seeing you at the field!



Phone: 613-965-6283