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Every year we are asked by team coaches and managers for documents and templates that other teams use.  This year we will be adding things to this page for team officials to view and use as required for their team.

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Try Out Preparation and Planning

Remember that all facilities must be booked through the office to ensure that your event is a recognized QWSC program.  Once you have confirmed details, a try out flyer is ideal to spread the word.  A sample flyer is available here for you download and change as needed to suit your team. 

If you are planning on hosting a fall/winter try out then all players must complete the Try Out Registration Form.  You may take a copy of the form, but remember it needs to be in the office 72 hours after your initial try out.

Perhaps you are waiting for a spring try out after our club has held registration.  Because the players would already be registered a try out registration form is not required.  Remember to confirm that all members are registered.  The following document is a great way of capturing all relevant information for the participants that you can use as your team is made.

Regardless of when you decide to hold your try outs, the club MUST be made aware of who is attending your try outs.  This tracking sheet allows you to track names and the dates of your try outs.
Be sure you submit this after your first try out and then once again after your team has been selected.

Team Selection-First Parent Meeting

Congratulations, your team is selected and you will be preparing to start regular practices to prepare for games and tournaments.  Communication to parents at this time is crucial and if done effectively will help alleviate any mid season problems.  It is a good idea to set up a parent meeting to review expectations and answer any questions parents may have.  A sample agenda may look like this.  The agenda helps you and the parents stay on task and ensure that all topics are discussed.

Budget/Team Fundraising

Talking money can sometimes be a sensitive subject, so it is always best to start with a budget so parents know how much extra money they may need to come up with.  In addition some families are more eager to fundraise then others so creating a balance helps keep everyone happy.  Be realistic when setting your budget and don't be afraid to ask parents if they think new windsuits for the third year in a row is ideal.  Typically, teams re-outfit every other year to allow for wear and growth.  A sample budget is available here

Player Injuries

In most cases, injuries that happen on the soccer field are minor, however in some rare circumstances an injury results where medical attention is required.  This medical information form is available for each player and coach to complete.  It is ideal that the completed forms be kept in a sealed envelope and be handed to the parents and/or paramedics as required.

All Forms are available here for quick download, in order as listed through this page.

Sample Try out Flyer

Try Out Registration Form

Player Data Sheet

Try Out Tracking Form

Sample Agenda

Proposed Budget